WaitButWhy has a four part series on Elon Musk. It is an interesting take on how a determined entrepreneur attempts to fast-forward the pace of technology via private enterprise.

  1. Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man
  2. How Tesla Will Change The World
    Part 1: The Story of Energy
    Part 2: The Story of Cars
    Part 3: The Story of Tesla
  3. How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars
    Part 1: The Story of Humans and Space
    Part 2: Musk’s Mission
    Part 3: How to Colonize Mars
    → Phase 1: Figure out how to put things into space
    → Phase 2: Revolutionize the cost of space travel
    → Phase 3: Colonize Mars
    A SpaceX Future
  4. The Cook and the Chef: Musk’s Secret Sauce


For a counter-point on Mars (vs Venus) colonisation see this video on PBS Space Time:


And see Neil deGrasse Tyson’s alternative take on private space initiatives:

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